A Letter From Our Founder

To Our Wonderful Sutherland Avenue Community, 

I’m thrilled to share our new website and introduce you, our community, to the new look and language of Sutherland Avenue. What started as a Covid quarantine experiment in my studio apartment, has grown and evolved into a lifestyle and decor brand and it was about time our values and aesthetic caught up.

As an interior designer and stylist, It has always been important to me that my home and the homes I design for my clients be comfortable, cohesive sanctuaries that feel welcoming but polished. After years of designing spaces, it felt like a natural creative progression to move from designing elegantly liveable interiors to creating products that could enhance the homes of thousands of customers.

Sutherland Avenue was born from a love of design and desire to develop modern fragrances which effortlessly elevate your space. My life spent between the elegant streets of London and the laidback coast of California forged the simple sophistication that defines the Sutherland Avenue aesthetic.

While working on the brand looking toward the future, it became apparent that we needed to take a step back and regroup to develop the long term vision for the brand and how we can best serve our audience. I’ve always wanted to create a product that transforms the environment and elevates your mood, not just through fragrance, but with beautiful, elevated design.

Candles are a star in my styling arsenal, so it was very important that our new vessel be a beautiful object—a functional accessory that can transform any space through fragrance. Along with our minimal, organic vessel, we felt the packaging and photography for the brand should match the vision we’re realizing. By combining the timeless sophistication and architecture of London with the carefree ease of the California coast, we are visually able to convey our equal appreciation for elegance and comfort.

Sutherland Avenue has always been based in interior design and enhancing our homes—our original scent names were inspired by interior design terms and industry jargon. As we continue to evolve and expand our scented candle line, in time we will also be introducing additional home accessories, decor, and lifestyle products that enhance your space with carefree elegance.

Think of our products like your favorite blouse—the one that makes you feel comfortable and pulled together. Or your go-to throw blanket, the one that is amazingly soft and looks effortlessly stylish tossed on your sofa. By elevating our environment we believe you can elevate your mood, your day, your human experience.

We are so thankful for the support of this community and hope you will spread the word on Sutherland Avenue to anyone you think would appreciate a little more casual luxury in their life.

All my thanks,